Cigar Night in Ohio

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cigar nightHello, friends! I hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is here. It’s about 11:00 PM and here in Youngstown the weather is absolutely gorgeous. I’m sitting on my porch and enjoying a Habaño and a beer. It’s cigar night and I’m having a good time! The fireflies are lighting up the field in the distance, the temp is in the mid-70s, and the humidity is low. Dare I say it but even the mosquitoes are keeping their distance!


Simple Humidifiers

The Cuban has been in my humidor for over a year. It’s a little worse for the wear; the wrapper is a little frayed and peeling. I neglected my humidor for a while and it got pretty dry but I was able to rehabilitate the cigar and now it is a nice smoke despite its ugliness. I used a simple humidifier in my humidor to help maintain the moisture.

xikar cutterOne of the keys to a good smoke is getting a good clean cut. When the cigar is cut cleanly you get cool, unrestricted flow of the smoke. I’m a huge fan of Xikar cigar cutters. They’ve got great, sharp blades that apply even pressure for a swift and clean cut.

I also use another Xikar product: the Xikar G2 lighter. It’s important to light your stick cleanly and rapidly, and the Xikar lighter delivers top-notch performance. Remember ladies and gents, DON’T draw the flame into the cigar. Use the high power of the dual flame torch to toast the end of the cigar, then blow on the cherry before drawing the smoke (not the flame) through the cigar. Draw the smoke in puffs. Do it right and you’ll be rewarded with a cool clean smoke and a good cigar night experience.

cigar night mantelloOne last thing you’ll need is a good ashtray. Get yourself a good looking ashtray! I got myself the Mantello Ceramic Ashtray. This baby’s a looker and is a beautiful addition to your patio or porch. She’s also really easy to clean. I usually just wipe it out but occasionally I’ll clean it in the sink with a sponge and dish soap.

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