Fathers’ Day 2016

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Hi all –

I hope all the Fathers out there had a good Fathers’ Day! I especially want to shout out to our brothers who find themselves far-flung to the four corners of the Earth protecting Freedom when they’d much rather be with their children. I’ve been there and you have my utmost respect.

I spent the morning cleaning my apartment then went over to Mike’s house at 2:00 PM. He had a nice spread of appetizers set out and a couple of coolers of beer. I was really impressed! Mary and Kelly came a few minutes later then Tim and later Palma followed. We had a real nice day with lots of appetizers, beer, and BBQ. Kelly (the pescetarian) made Shrimp Kebabs while Mike (the omnivore) made burgers. I ate each and they were all yummy! Kelly and Mike gave me thoughtful and cool gifts – I felt so loved!

After apps, dinner, and cigars (excellent choices on the smokes Mike!) we retired to the living room to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals. We cheered until we were all hoarse and we got the outcome we pushed for: the Cavs beat the Warriors to win the NBA Championship!

So, everyone here at home do you remember how you felt inconvenienced because you had to stay up late to watch the game? Our troops in Afghanistan had to get up early to watch the game – 8:00 PM EST Sunday is 0430 Monday in Afghanistan. Monday is a work day, so then at around 0630 they had to stop watching to get mustered, get briefed, and get their vehicles ready for the day’s patrols. They heard the final score of Game 7 of the NBA championship over the radio from the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) after they were outside the wire. And you know what? Not one of them complained about it.

Oh and it was Father’s Day too. If they were lucky they had an opportunity to speak with their families back home. They probably stood in line for about an hour to get into the cargo container that had been turned into an AT&T phone bank. And then when they got in there they had to pay to call their families, and hopefully the connection stayed up. And hopefully the guy in the slot next to you wasn’t having a loud fight with his wife/girlfriend/child. Yep, that happens. A lot.

Please remember our men and women downrange and think about how they spent this special event. Put yourself in their shoes if you can. Remember our warriors are out there every day for us, regardless of whatever special event is happening here at home. Pray for their safe return.

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