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Holy Yoga for Men

Mens’ Yoga – Saturday mornings in Boardman

This morning I had my usual Saturday morning Men’s Yoga practice with Bethanie Meredith in Youngstown, OH. Bethanie teaches in the Hatha style and although she teaches a lot of practices throughout the week, Saturday morning is a men-only practice.

Why men-only? Well if you’ve been to a yoga practice lately you’ve no doubt noticed that regardless of the style, women far outnumber men. In many practices I attend I am the only man in the room. It doesn’t bother me; after several years of practicing I’m used to it. But many men who are just starting out in their practice are easily intimidated. They’re afraid of looking inept in a room full of women who are much better at this than they are. So Bethanie created a men’s only class to inspire more men to enjoy the benefits of a consistent practice. This practice is a supportive environment where men can admit that we are students. We won’t get our egos bruised when a tiny young lady can whip through asanas better than we can.

Check out the full schedule on Bethanie’s website. I hope to see some more men in the Youngstown area come and join us on Saturday!

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