My Bird Nest

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Bird on nest

Mama Bird dutifully minding the nest.

The bird started nesting about 2 weeks ago. She’s a small, drab looking bird and I haven’t been able to identify her yet. She’s pretty skittish and used to bolt when I walked to the window to look at her. In fact the photo in this post was taken through my window, peering through the blinds. That doesn’t bother her so much now, but she still takes flight whenever I open the front door.
She may be a returnee… When I moved into the apartment in February I removed the vacated bird nest that was built atop a pillar holding the porch roof up. I also put my weather station sensor on that post to discourage future nesting thoughts. Alas my effort was in vain as this bird built a nest in the same location but in a somewhat tighter space.
It’s a good place for a nest. It is protected from the weather and from most predators (6′-0″ me excluded). It’s quiet about 23-1/2 hours out of the day except for the few times I go out to BBQ or just sit and relax. For the most part though I’ve been giving the bird her space, respecting the course of nature.
I feel like this weekend we’re going to get hatchlings. I don’t know how long the bird’s eggs incubate because I don’t even know what species she belongs to. But I know if I were a bird I’d be pretty fed up with sitting on a nest by now.

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