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free yoga for veterans

Yoga is a powerful tool for Veterans to help heal the wounds of war. The University of South Florida College of Public Health has announced a groundbreaking study called Prospective Cohort Study of Yoga and Mindfulness for Psychological and Physical Wellness. This free Yoga for Veterans program is open to men and women from all branches of service. It is not limited by nationality or country of service. Yoga for Men has teamed with the University of South Florida to bring additional resources to Veterans.

Participants get free access to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes crafted especially for veterans and active duty personnel.

Brothers, if you’re not already practicing yoga here is your invitation to get started AND participate in a study. The benefits of yoga and meditation are immense. By participating in a study you’ll help current and future Veterans. If you think yoga is for sissies or it’s too “foo-foo”, try it just once. I guarantee you’ll change your mind. Both men and women Veterans can participate in the study!

How To Get Started with Free Yoga for Veterans

Getting started with free Yoga for Veterans is easy! Follow the link at the end of this post and fill out a simple form. Namasté!

Sign up for the Yoga For Veterans study.

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