Life Without A Car Horn

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Car Horn brokeA couple of weeks ago I bought a van for the business. I looked at used cargo vans, but the good ones were priced outside my budget. The cheap ones were “rode hard and put up wet” – they were really trashed! After some advice from a friend, I started looking at used minivans. I swore I’d never drive a minivan, much less own one. But it actually made a lot of sense for a business just starting out. He told me that I could take the seats out and I’d have all the space in the back for storage. I acquiesced and started looking at used minivans.

I found one that was within my budget that had relatively low mileage. The only real downside to the vehicle was that it has significant body rust (welcome to Northeast Ohio!) I bought it and started making it my own: I removed the seats and put a sheet of plywood in the back. Did you know that a whole sheet fits in perfectly? I thought I’d have to trim it. I built a bracket for the mop bucket and voila! instant cargo van. I’ve come to really like the van – I’ve even named her Ruby.

The other day I found out that the car horn doesn’t work. While this probably isn’t that big a deal to most people, it’s pretty rough for me. Having been born in New York City and learning to drive in Connecticut, I make pretty liberal use of the car’s horn. I can’t help it; it’s in my blood and is part of my genetic makeup. Horns are very, very useful. Sometimes a quick little “toot” is needed to wake up the driver in front of me when the light changes, and sometimes I lay on the horn for a few seconds to express my displeasure at another driver’s ignorance/stupidity/selfishness/(fill in the blank). A horn is especially handy during the Christmas season when there are so many distracted (clueless?) drivers on the road. The horn also helps when that deer is standing on the side of the road trying to decide if she wants to commit suicide on the grill of my car; a half-second beep always scares her back into the woods.

I’ve heard that there are people who never use their car horn. I’m not sure how those people can make it through a day on the road; maybe someone can help me understand that?

Life without a car horn is pretty frustrating for me.

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